What is pick and roll defense

Posted on 11.06.2019 by Natashia
Curry sneaks along the baseline, and by the time Lawson recognizes what hes done, its far too late. As you receive the pass rolling to the basket, keep your head up so you can see if there is a helpside defender. This leads to a variety of questions. Were going to break down some of the plays you see in this video.
While the pick and roll is certainly the most popular and can be one of the most effective options when utilizing the ball screen, there are other options for the screener and the ball handler. Head up and see the floor - Good defenses will have helpside defense on the pick and roll. More Options For the Ball Screen. It forces the defense to make a decision on each and every possession. There are a few theories one could throw out. Listen carefully during an NBA game and you'll hear the players and coaches scream ICE. For one, the Nuggets pick-and-roll defense was horrible.

No matter what side the ball handler goes to, the same player always rolls to the basket.

What are you willing to give up. As a result, NBA defenses have come up with a smorgasbord of defensive coverages to combat it. This means they want the on ball defender to force the ball. Reach up your hand in order to give the passer a target. Why did all these breakdowns happen. Along that line the most common mistake the ball defender makes in this coverage is to get to an extreme position in turning the ball down.