What is it called when you contradict yourself in a sentence

Posted on 11.06.2019 by Admin
Do be yourself and be a better person contradict each other. When was the last time you contradicted yourself. Nobody in his camp seemed willing to contradict him. This would seem to contradict, however, the notion of major transgressions being the much-delayed after-effects of an orogeny.
What previous situation would like to find yourself in again. In what situation you hated yourself most. Why do people do the same things over and end up in the same situation. I think this kind of word play is used in puns and jokes. How to use contradict in a sentence. For example, That was weirdly normal. How often do you contradict yourself.

But I do not know how you call this king of word play.

This information contradicts that assertion. Recent experiments seem to contradict ea. If you were to say who and what you are in a sentence or two, what would you.