How do i find my bluetooth headset

Posted on 19.06.2018 by Admin
How do I transfer music to my Pace or Stratos smartwatch to use with Bluetooth headphones. Users with Windows Phones will open the app list and select Settings to find the Bluetooth menu. I think if I were able to connect, then I would be able to select them as a default. Once the device appears on the watch screen, tap on the selection.

That's common default passkey for bluetooth devices.

From the watch home screen, swipe down and left until you reach More Settings. If youre using a Bluetooth-capable phone that isnt a smartphone, navigate to your devices settings menu to find the Bluetooth menu. Why won't my Bluetooth headset connect with my phone. Then try using a different Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones and see if the stuttering happens with them as well doing the same thing. However it says they are disconnected but when I select connect, nothing happens. If you see a Bluetooth menu, your phone is Bluetooth-capable.

Long press the power button of your Bluetooth headset and wait the blue and red lights start flashing.

Select Bluetooth for the watch to start searching for your Bluetooth Earphone. If I go to Sound in Control Panel, it shows playback devices and my Bluetooth headphones are listed there by name. Open the menu to switch Bluetooth on.